Our management have advised, arranged and managed many major projects in various jurisdictions.
Below are some of these projects for reference:

Projects related to Investment and Corporate Finance (1996 to 2012)

1. CHT (Holdings) Ltd., a Chinese company listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange:

  • Debt restructuring and trade resumption.
  • Restructuring financing of HK$200,000,000.
  • Delisting from the Main Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange.

2. A public listed company on the Singapore Stock Exchange which is engaged mainly in the manufacturing of packaging products such as PET resin:

  • Securing a Syndicated Loan of US$39,000,000 from 8 participating banks for the PET project.
  • Setting up a brand new PET resin plant in the Guangzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone.  The process started from business registration, factory construction, equipment installation, workflow development, all the way to obtaining internationally recognized certification and the eventual smooth operation with an annual capacity of 200,000 MT of high quality bottle grade chips.

3. Guangdong Investment Limited, a Chinese state-owned company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange:

  • Arranging HK$5,000,000,000 of debt restructuring
  • Arranging various fund raising projects:-US$27,000,000 worth of convertible bond for GDI’s working capital.
    • US$130,000,000 convertible preference shares for the acquisition of Humen Bridge虎门大桥收購.
    • US$100,000,000 Floating Rate Notes for several acquisitions by GDI.
    • US$90,000,000 in syndicated loan for Guangzhou Tianhe Plaza project.
    • US$120,000,000 worth of convertible bond for GDI’s asset acquisition.
    • US$75,000,000 transferable loan certificate facility for a cement project in Guangdong.
    • US$21,000,000 in syndicated loan for a malting project in Ningbo
    • US$60,000,000 in syndicated loan for Guangdong Tours’ working capital
  • Spinning-off of Guangdong Corp (Full Arts) for listing in Australia
  • Spinning-off of Guangdong Brewery for listing in Hong Kong
  • Spinning-off of Guangdong Tannery for listing in Hong Kong

4. An innovative global aquaculture company:

  • Launching fund-raising projects in Vietnam, Hainan of China and Thailand to facilitate further expansion in the Asian market.

Projects related to Business Consultancy and Services (2002 to 2012)

1. A Dutch corporation dealing in licensed collectable items:

  • Advising and assisting to expand its buying office in Asia to support its distribution channels throughout 35 countries worldwide.
  • Acting as local director to take care of order taking, administration, accounting and quality control functions.

2. A textile trading company:

  • Advising on the China strategy that improved client’s ability to purchase from potential Chinese suppliers.
  • Setting up a HK company to improve tax efficiency.
  • Setting up a China entity as the quality control office.

3. A leading US computer translation company:

  • Setting up a WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) in Beijing, China.

4. A Hong Kong market leader of Chinese health-conscious food:

  • Opening the door to the China market
  • Applying for wholesale license and setting up a retail WFOE in Guangzhou, China.

5. A leading European shoe retailer:

  • Advising on improvements in administration and controlling efficiency of the Asian offices.
  • Recommendations on the restructuring of client’s operation in the Asian market to improve its allocation of resources.
  • Taking up buying functions in Hong Kong.
  • Setting up of quality control division in Guangdong, China.

6. A premium European wholesaler:

  • Perform a detailed company scanning and advise on China market entry strategy.

7. A Dutch outdoor furniture company:

  • Identifying strategic location to set up a factory of 800 workers in Guangdong, China.
  • Negotiating favorable terms with landlord and making financial arrangement for full operation.
  • Acting as director of the factory to monitor ongoing operations.

8. A European flagpole company in Ningbo, China:

  • Advising on improvement of financial control efficiency.

9. AGL Enterprises Pty Limited, a paper export company:

  • Setting up a company in Perth, Australia.

Projects related to Cross-Border Business Collaboration and Negotiation (2002 to 2012)

1. Dutch government bodies:

  • Setting up China desk.

2. A European leading educational toys company:

  • Providing market feasibility study covering over 20 coastal cities in China.
  • Introducing distributors, agents, retail channels and other useful contacts.

3. A Belgium agriculture firm:

  • Resolving shareholding conflict with the China joint venture partner with mutually acceptable solution.

4. A Belgium shipping company:

  • Advising on a mutually beneficial proposal to convert from a joint venture in China to a wholly owned establishment in Hong Kong.
  • Setting up a wholly owned entity in HK from finding the right office location and premises to running the offices with staff transferred from the joint venture company to the newly set up company.

5. A long-established Italian company which produces and sells silicon protective films:

  • Identifying compatible joint venture partner.
  • Setting up the joint venture in Shenzhen, China until it is fully operational.

6. A Dutch metal processing company:

  • Advising on business development in China.
  • Finding a compatible joint venture partner and setting up the joint venture in Tianjin, China.
  • Conducting due diligence in acquiring suppliers in China.

7. A leading European lighting manufacturing and wholesaling company:

  • Expansion to Asia Pacific region by opening an office in Hong Kong for local selling, sourcing and quality control.
  • Setting up a joint venture in Panyu, China.
  • Advising on intellectual property issues.