Fast-growing private companies and established state-owned companies often need to raise capital to accelerate growth and facilitate their outbound China strategy.  Depending on your corporate objectives, company structure and stage of business development, we advise and assist you on corporate finance projects or IPO planning to meet your business expansion needs.

What we do:

  • Evaluate the benefits and pitfalls of various funding options in the context of shareholder and corporate objectives
  • Assist in developing capital market strategies
  • Advise on business improvement to prepare for the best position to maximize value
  • Strategic review on business and operational situation
  • Due diligence review and rectification of corporate governance structure, accounting and statutory records

In cases where IPO is considered, we advise on:

  • Listing requirements and assessment of the company’s competency
  • Development of strategies in fulfilling the listing requirements
  • Corporate restructuring for listing purposes
  • Seeking and selection of suitable strategic investors
  • Financial and information system review for risk assessment
  • Management training regarding listing preparation
  • Suitable IPO timing and structure
  • Preparation and arrangement for road show presentations
  • Coordination with related professional experts
  • Drafting and review of IPO-related documents or agreements