Our approach combines a detailed understanding of our clients’ business and financial needs with macro- and micro- insights on crucial factors of successful strategies.  Through years of experience and attention to details, we have developed a set of processes that have been proven to be the most effective and efficient approach for achieving clients’ business goals.

The unique combination of our management team’s diversified background from China, Hong Kong and Europe in commercial, financial, governmental sectors and state-owned companies has enabled us to establish a perfect collaborative approach that ensures successful cross-border investment and expansion.  Our long-established and extensive network in China enables us to keep in close touch with the country’s rapid development and get first-hand information on market trends and project development.

Business Assessment: We will discuss with clients their business challenges, corporate structure, financial issues, overseas expansion etc.  We will then help the clients to define their long-term and short-term business and financial goals and provide our professional advice on appropriate investment and financial strategies as well as implementation.

Value Assessment: As regards the financial aspect, we will use state-of-the-art techniques to assess the corporate value of a company or parts of a company as well as the value of the business capital, specific assets and liabilities.  We will also compare the real value and book value of the object of assessment and analyze the impact of the differences.

Investment Research and Due Diligence: For both advisory and discretionary mandates, we will conduct investment research and / or due diligence to evaluate the potential benefits and risks related to an investment opportunity, an M&A operation or an IPO process.