Whether you are planning to expand your business through asset acquisition, establishing goodwill or to sell an asset for strategic or financial purpose, we provide step-by-step advice to ensure the transaction is done smoothly and that the outcome is beneficial to your business.

Our expertise in buy-side advisory:

  • Identification of suitable asset and liability and screening out unwanted asset or liability
  • Possession of sophisticated know-how to determine the fair value of asset and liability
  • Understanding of relevant legal and tax implications in different jurisdictions
  • Understanding of technicalities and the ability to communicate seamlessly with both buyer and seller

Our expertise in sell-side advisory:

  • Access to scalable network for asset sales of various types and sizes
  • Unlocking hidden asset value and maximizing net recovery value
  • Designing comprehensive disposition process with speedy turnaround time
  • Recommendation on fire sale and quick cash for various appropriate assets