When you plan for an investment, you may consider direct investment overseas that enables you to have majority ownership or a significant controlling interest in a foreign business or equity participation to allow you to share the profit of a company with good business performance.

Depending on your investment need and requirement, we will provide advice and support in identifying the suitable investment mode and the right investment project from most of the important geographic regions.  Not only do we guide you through proper procedures that comply with regulatory requirements, we also help structure the transaction in the best possible way for your benefits.

Our services in direct investment:

  • Provide guidance on how to invest overseas
  • Advise and assist in cross-cultural communications and negotiations
  • Help our client formulate investment strategy and business plan
  • Collaborate with local government authorities as well as professional firms from the planning stage to business operation
  • Advise on business development, operational and logistic management
  • Manage the whole life cycle of the direct investment portfolio from set up to implementation and daily operations

Our services in equity participation:

  • Recommend target business based on sound economic and commercial viability criteria
  • Evaluate suitable form of equity participation
  • Perform due diligence on valuation offered by the project
  • Negotiate on behalf of investors with target business for specific arrangement
  • Review investment documentation to ensure investors’ interest is well presented